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Pat McDonald is a singer-songwriter based in Boise, Idaho.  He and his uplifting band the Tropical Cowboys have been performing for the last few years at several local venues.  Their fun and joyful performances, filled with Pat’s inspiring music and lyrical wisdom, have already attracted a large local fan-base.  The "Islanders" as they call themselves enjoy singing along, dancing, hugging, waving ribbons and bouncing beach balls wherever the Cowboys play!

The Music?  In Pat's words…

"I grew up with the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, John Denver and the like, so you can definitely hear those influences in my music.  I enjoy writing unexpected chord sequences and melodies.  I've always been attracted to spiritually oriented messages of my many teachers.  I resonate with words that emphasize love, compassion, kindness and the Universal Truth of what/who we are.  My desire is that every being on the planet comes to realize how loved and worthy they are.  Love is the central theme of most of my songs.  I think that's why so many people respond to them in such a positive way."

About the band...

Pat McDonald - Songwriter, Guitar & Lead Vocal

Pat is the co-founder of Saturday Island (where everyday is Saturday).  He lives there with his wife and kids.  Occasionally the powers-that-be mysteriously download a song into his head and he rushes out to share it with whomever will listen.  He’s working on a CD which should be finished around the time that CD’s no longer exist.  He comes in peace and would like to be your friend.

Frank McDonald - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Frank has been playing with Pat McDonald since they were kids and playing music and singing with him since they were teenagers.  He is a dynamic bass-player and his voice blends perfectly with Pat’s (almost as though they were brothers!) They can often be found laughing and drinking copious amounts of coffee and/or beer around town.

The unflappable always affable, Phil Bowden has played drums for over 20 years and now plays for the Tropical Cowboys as well as the Center for Spiritual Living Band every Sunday in Boise.  This amazingly wonderful fellow has worked with teens over the past 14 years by leading youth groups and attending multiple summer-teen camps as a counselor, sponsor and campfire sing-a-long leader.

Rex is an accomplished musician, performer, woodworker, connoisseur of tequila and fine beers as well as a songwriter extraordinaire.  Rex began studying piano at age eleven and then went outside to play with his friends for a while.  He received his training in classical piano and music theory at The University of Washington.  Rex has been the musical director and leader of an unnamed band for more than 10 years at the Center for Spiritual Living in Boise.

Sandy is an angel with an angelic voice who seems to have more hours in a day than the rest of us poor mortals.  She has worked extensively as a director, producer, writer, actress, public speaker, singer/songwriter, consultant, child-herder and educator.  She can also recite every single line of many fine films.

Phil Bowden - Drums & Vocals

Rex Miller - Keyboards & Vocals

Sandra Cavanaugh - Percussion, Musical “Sprinkles” & Vocals